What gear do you use?

I work with Canon gear, at work I normally use a 1DX and a range of different lenses. My own camera is a 700D with a 24-105mm F4, the nifty 50 1.8 and the 135mm 2.0.

What is a normal price for a photoshoot?

Well that depends on the situation. When you don’t have any specific request that I might need to borrow or rent gear for the prices are minimal. Click here to see the full price list.

Do you have a Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number?

No, not yet. I’m currently still going to school and photography is, for now, still a parttime job.

When did you start photography?

Around the same time when I got my first dog in 2010, it was then that I began to take it more seriously. But I can say it became my profession in 2016, that’s when I started working for Kynoweb.

What do you do in a basic edit?

The basic edit I apply on my photo’s are some finetuning of the exposure, boost some colors, add sharpening and some minor adjustments such as removing a small pimple.
I can also improve the photo’s to your or my own taste, mostly is that by changing the colors a bit.
Example of a 1, a basic edit and 2, a color edit.↓