My name is Lisanne Bakker, born in 1998 and photographing since around 2015. My passion for photography started as a young child, both my parents and grandparents loved to take pictures while on a holiday. So naturally I tried it as well, I only got serious about it when I got my first dog, I went do dog shows with him and wanted better pictures.

It was also because of dog shows that I got my parttime job at Kynoweb. This company, run by Ernst von Scheven, helped me a lot with my photography and inspired me to go to the university of applied photography in Rotterdam. Here I learned a lot and went on an internship by Raúl Neijhorst, he also taught me a lot about portret and studio photography.

For the time being I want to finish my studies and maybe do an other one in Graphic Design. In the mean time I’m going to expand my portfolio with lots of creative work, so if you’re interested in a fun photoshoot contact me maybe we can help each other!

My areas of expertise


I mainly focus on location photography, that means I will go to wherever the customer want to do  a photoshoot. At the site I will try to only use excisting light, so no flashes. I do have the ability and knowledge to use flash lights but for my style of photography I don’t prefer to use it.

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Web design

Webdesign is a new but also old hobby of mine. In my youth, when I first got my own laptop, I was alway editing photos for online forums. Back then I used Gimp a lot (sort of a free version of Photoshop). But later I decided to focus on Photography. Now almost a decade later I decided to turn that hobby also into a professional skill. In 2020 I will finish my photography studies and start a webdesign studies.

Our dog kennel

Colorful Castle’s

My love for dog photography came from photographing our first dog, and with our first dog came a second and a third and a fourth. We love the breed the Stabyhoun and we also breed them. Click below for more information on our dogs.